How To Create A Spreadsheet For Your Wedding Planning

Those who are planning a wedding would have several aspects to look into. One way of being organized and ensuring that every point has been looked into would be to make a spreadsheet. This should include a list of items or categories of the venue, drinks, food, decor requirements, trousseau, photography, invitations, gifts to guests and so forth. Once the major categories are listed you can then list down the items that form subcategories

or come under each category. Whatever particulars that come with each category can be specified accordingly. This can be done on a computer program or an organizer app that you download on your phone; you could also do it the old-fashioned way and save the lists on a notebook.

Points to remember

It is best to think of all the possible requirements that usually are associated with a wedding. The more comprehensive you can make your spreadsheet the better the whole planning process will be. The upside of taking the pains to think out all possible requirements is that you can then simply follow the sheet and not have to think every step of the way.  It would also help you to budget your expenses that are considered for most weddings. If the budget is done from before, it helps to keep the expenses in check. One way of forming an ideal budget for your wedding plans is to list down all categories of expenditure that would be involved and budgets against each category. That would help limit your choices accordingly. Besides budget estimates, it would be wise to include timelines for every category. That would help you to make all arrangements in time for your wedding.

How to use the spreadsheet?

Once you have created a spreadsheet for your wedding arrangements with budget estimates and timelines, you can then move to making the arrangements as per priority lists. From the main list, you can narrow down the items to do and plan them as per the items to be addressed. Hence, a well thought out spreadsheet for the wedding will have all necessary categories and plans listed along with timelines to get them completed. The “to do list” that emerges from this spreadsheet can help one to plan the different activities to do accordingly. Hence, once all thoughts are put into the making of the spreadsheet, one can move into action and get the different aspects looked into as per the lists created.

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